Contact Lens Fittings

With today’s contact lens technology almost anyone can wear contact lenses. We schedule a special contact lens examination where the doctor focuses on finding the best lenses for the patient’s personal needs. The doctor also trains new contact lens patients to insert and remove the lenses. Most contact trial lenses are in stock and are available to be taken home the same day. Here are some types of lenses that are available:

  • Monovision – lenses for patients who use reading glasses
  • Multifocals – lenses for patients who use reading glasses
  • Single Vision – most basic lenses correcting for nearsightedness and farsightedness
  • Toric lenses – lenses that correct astigmatism
  • Color contact lenses – cosmetic; can change the appearance of the eye and have a prescription. We have many different colors available.

Current contact lens wearers must have an annual examination to re-evaluate their lenses. Contact lens wearers must take good care of their lenses to prevent infections. Every night lenses need to be removed and washed thoroughly with appropriate solutions. It is very important to mechanically rub the lenses to ensure proper cleaning. Daily disposable lenses do not need to be cleaned.  At the end of the day they can be thrown away.

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