Comprehensive Eye Examinations

It is important to get eye examinations on a routine basis. Read more...

Contact Lens Fittings

With today’s contact lens technology almost anyone can wear contact lenses. We schedule a special contact lens examination where the doctor focuses on finding the best lenses for the patient’s personal needs. Read More...

Glaucoma Testing

With today's technology we have the ability to diagnose and treat glaucoma at early stages. Glaucoma is a progressive disease of the optic nerve and early detection is necessary to prevent loss of vision. Besides monitoring ocular pressure, we monitor any visual field defects with our automated Zeiss Visual Field Analyzer. We also monitor the appearance of the optic nerve for obvious changes. If surgical involvement is necessary, we refer to one of our trusted ophthalmologists for a consultation. If treatment is necessary to reduce ocular pressure we work closely with an ophthalmologist to pick the most effective drops.

Other Services:

Screening for Macular Degenaration
Dry Eye Treatment
Specialty contact lens fitting
Gas Permeble lenses
Myopia Control

Our office features State of the art equipment:

  • Auto refractor/keratometer
    This fully automated piece of equipment is used to measure the curvature of the cornea and to estimate the power of the eye. It is an important pre-testing routine.
  • Auto lensmeter
    Allows for precise determination of the prescription in the current pair of glasses
  • Zeiss Visual Field Analyzer
    Visual field testing is a method of measuring peripheral vision. Every time a light flashes to the side of fixation one must press a button to indicate they saw the light. The patient’s responses are recorded and analyzed. This is a very important test in diagnosis and management of glaucoma. Glaucoma has characteristic patterns of vision loss and this test helps detect very early changes associated with nerve damage. This test is also helpful in detecting vision loss caused by neurologic disorders such as stroke and certain brain tumors.
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