Lenses are the most essential part of the glasses. We work with laboratories that provide the highest quality and have access to the latest technology. It is our goal to deliver clarity and precision.


There are different types of lenses available. Depending on your prescription and personal demands, our trained personnel will make recommendations. Below are some of the options:

Single Vision lenses
Lenses made either for distance, reading or computer.

Bifocal lenses
Lenses with a line; the top portion is dedicated to distance viewing and the bottom for reading.

Trifocal lenses
This lens contains 3 prescriptions: distance, intermediate and near. There are 2 lines on the lens. 

Progressive Lenses
Known as no-line bifocals. These lenses are very popular with presbyopic patients. They contain 3 prescriptions: distance, intermediate, and near. With today’s technology most patients have no problems adapting. Adaptation period usually takes a few days.

Polycarbonate lenses
This material is light and safe. It is essentially shatter-proof. It is recommended for children for safety and for adults to make their lenses thinner and lighter.

Transitions lenses
These lenses have the ability to turn into sunglasses when outside.

Polarized lenses
These are the best lenses for sunglasses.

Anti reflective coating
Coating applied on the lens to reduce glare. This is very helpful when driving at night and working at the computer.

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